Create all the Joomla extensions (Components, Modules, Plugins & Templates)

All the generated code is based in the Joomla MVC standards.


The best CMS of the world now will get his own IDE


All the Joomla IDE source code will be hosted in Bitbucket.


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  • JoomlaIDE includes many features in order to help developers in their jobs, here some of these:

    • Multiplatform: Windows, Linux and Mac.
    • Management of Joomla projects
    • File Management
    • Create Joomla extensions
    • Wizard for create projects, extensions & templates
    • MVC pattern
    • Sintax Autocomplete
    • Create zip installer.
    • Code Snippets
    • Management for Joomla Templates
    • Inline help in the source editor
    • Create SQL files
  • More features availables.

    • Project Manager
    • Class Inspector
    • Drag-and-drop Functionality
    • Connection to servers (ftp, ssh, git, etc)
    • Create components based in SQL files
    • Code Snipets
    • TODO List
    • System message console
    • Create and Edit templates
    • GUI for language files management
    • GUI for form management
    • Syncro with the Database

"I am the developer of Joomla IDE, I hope with this tool to be able to help all colleagues to improve their work."

Mario Lacunza

Latest news about Joomla IDE

  • 2013: Project start.
  • 2014: Requirements list.
  • 2015: Domain change and website migration to the new hosting.
  • 2015-2017: Hold on all the dev task for personal reasons.
  • 2017: Project start again.
  • Dec 2017: I bought a new domain and migrate all to new hosting.
  • Dec 2017: New website design.
  • Jan 2018: finished new requirements list based in Joomla 4
  • Jan 2018: Update of the old Source code
  • Website redesign
  • I create a group in Telegram
  • Feb 2018: I continue with the development tasks
  • We add SSL certificate to our website
  • We added the Blog section